PNet is a software for the statistical analysis of social network data using Exponential Random Graph Models (ERGM) and Auto-logistic Actor Attribute Models (ALAAM). 

PNet, XPNet and MPNet run on Windows and are free for noncommercial use.

Required Environments
In order to run the PNet software you will need to have one of the following operating environments on your computer:


MPNet for multilevel networks

In addition to most of functions implemented under PNet, MPNet is also designed for:

  • ERGMs for two-mode and two-level networks
  • Autologistic Actor Attribute models (ALAAMs)

Pnet for one-mode networks

PNet is for the simulation and estimation of ERGMs for one-mode networks.


xpnet for bivariate analysis

PNet is for the simulation and estimation of ERGMs for two one-mode networks.

User Manuals

Find instructions for creating exponential random graph models using the PNet and MPNet software.

Citing PNet

If you used PNet or MPNet for your research, please cite them as:

Peng Wang, Garry Robins, Philippa Pattison (2009) PNet: program for the simulation and estimation of exponential random graph models. Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, The University of Melbourne.